Company Set Up Advice

Are you a sole trader thinking about setting up a company, or a start-up business wondering which company set-up will suit your purposes the best?

There are various sources of written and on-line information and guidance. This service aims to simplify matters at the stage when you are first considering company set up, by presenting you with one comprehensive set of information setting out the key features of each type of UK company set up possible, in a format which allows you to compare them to each other, and talking thorough options with you.

The purpose of the consultation is to help ensure you have and understand all the relevant information to make the choice of company set up which is most appropriate for your business and circumstances.

The comparison of company set-up choices includes the following:

• The registration process
• Cost
• Timescales
• Considerations impacting on choice of name
• Registered address
• Directorships
• Memberships
• Responsibilities
• Agreements and which are statutory
• Administration
• Liability for debt and profit sharing

This service normally requires a single meeting of no more than 3 hours.

This is an information service to help you make informed choices – it is not legal advice. You are advised to discuss the most appropriate company set-up for you with a qualified solicitor.

Give us a call on 01524 482222 or 07895 152752 or email us to discuss your requirements and find out how AO Support Services can help you.