Recruitment, Induction and Skills Sourcing

This service provides a personalised alternative to the recruitment agency, working with you to offer a comprehensive recruitment service from start to end of the process, freeing you up to get on with your job. The service is bespoke and rates are reasonable. You can choose to take advantage of all the services offered from job analysis to job offer at the fixed rate, a selection of those services or a single service as itemised below. Your members of staff are your company’s most important asset and we seek to help you recruit and retain the best.

The process starts with an exploratory meeting, normally at your workplace, to gain an understanding of your company and an understanding of your recruitment needs. All communications with applicants are handled by the service unless you specify otherwise. The following is a list of tasks from which you can choose those you wish to be carried out on your behalf, leaving you to get on with the core business of your company.

Job analysis and job description
Your requirements are established and drafted into a job description and person specification.

The advertising campaign is agreed with you and managed on your behalf, including the drafting, checking and placing of the adverts. On-line job-sites are used unless otherwise directed – this helps to keep your advertising costs down.

More proactive than advertising, on-line recruitment tools are used to find and approach passive candidates as well as those proactively seeking new positions. The finding service opens up the pool of potential candidates massively and is a great tool in the search for the right fit. Finding can be used in tandem with, instead of, before or after advertising, as appropriate.

Processing the initial applications
Application forms and equal opportunities monitoring forms are provided, and sent to applicants preferably by email, or by post. Any communications from applicants are handled on your behalf.
Completed applications are screened and only those which match the essential skills of the job description and person specification are offered a first line interview.

First line interviews
A telephone or face to face short interview of the remaining applicants is conducted and a short-list is drawn up.

You are provided with the applications and CVs for the remaining candidates and we agree a short-list of candidates for interview.
Preparing for interview
A set of relevant and searching interview questions is prepared for your approval. Scenario style questions which are closely referenced to the requirements of the job and aim to give a holistic picture of the candidate’s suitability for the role are usually included. Invitations to interview are sent out and responses monitored. References from the last or most recent employer can be sought either at this stage. The interview outcome monitoring paperwork is provided so that fair and equitable interviews are conducted, a robust decision can be made and informed feedback can be provided to the successful candidate and unsuccessful candidates.

Other assessments
You might wish to include other methods of assessment instead of or in addition to interviews, for example a presentation on a given topic, literacy, numeracy and ICT skills, role-playing etc. We can discuss this at the exploratory meeting or at any time during the recruitment campaign as long as there is sufficient time to put arrangements in place.

Advice on an appropriate panel composition and advice to panel members is available if required. The consultant is usually a panel member and chairs the interview if requested to do so. The consultant ensures that the interviews are conducted fairly, equitably and consistently, that the records are correctly completed and contributes to the final decision made by the interviewers.

The consultant contacts the successful candidate to offer the job, (subject to meeting any specific conditions such as a DBS check and satisfactory reference), confirm the starting wage/salary and agree a start date.

Contract of employment
The contract is drafted on behalf of the employer ensuring that all required elements are covered in the contract and that it complies with employment law.

Induction Plan
Getting staff off to a good start and retention of good staff are far more likely to happen if the new staff are supported by a robust induction programme. You are provided with an induction plan which incorporates a ‘day one’ induction and a longer term programme covering health and safety, orientation, HR terms and conditions, company culture, reporting absence, systems, line management and other agreed relevant areas. This programme can be delivered on your behalf.

HR Policies and Procedures
HR policies and procedures for your organisation can be provided and their implementation managed if required, for example capability and disciplinary policies and procedures, smoking policies, absence monitoring, and performance management.

Skills Sourcing
If you require contract workers with specific skills at particular times in your annual work cycle, or the need crops up unexpectedly, possibly while you are in the process of recruiting to a permanent position, the on-line recruitment service provides an excellent, cost effective tool to seek and approach the holders of the skills you need

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